Webinar: Curating Your Customer Experience | USA


I always find the new year to be a good time to rethink / restart / refresh. Besides new year’s resolutions, there is much to think about given the ever demanding world of customer experience that we live in.

Given the CX tsunami—the continuing growth of emerging technologies, ever-evolving consumer expectations and increasing competition—more than ever, this constant change and development is pushing companies to have the right people, processes and technologies in place in order to meet growing consumer expectations. Navigating these murky waters alone can be daunting; selecting and then managing the right technologies, understanding and adjusting to consumer preferences, retraining the workforce, building a secure and resilient infrastructure, managing change and retraining the workforce. Ouch!! This can be very daunting… for anyone.

One method to help make this journey less daunting is to leverage a service provider to curate the right components to facilitate a high-quality, seamless omnichannel experience. In this case, the service provider is the enabler for brands on their journey to achieving true omnichannel customer experience and its benefits. As curators of the necessary interaction channels, infrastructure, solutions, partnerships, networks and process methodologies required, a service provider can offer flexibility and scalability underpinned by rigorous governance and resilient infrastructure. As such, the CX partner curates an ecosystem of customer interaction modalities, technologies, agent performance management, workforce management, etc. Fully integrated, the partner can remove the friction to achieve a true omnichannel single view of the customer.

In recent years, the conversation about the benefits of working with a third-party contact center service partner has expanded beyond lowering costs: it’s “no longer about achieving significant cost reduction targets and getting basic tactical operations functional—it is about moving clients into a future state that is much more effective than the current one” (KPMG, “Executive Report: The State of Services & Outsourcing,”). There are many more benefits to working with a contact center service partner beyond just flexibility and cost savings, such as better managing human capital, keeping up with changing technology, improving financial and operational efficiencies, and centralizing and standardizing customer management functions. In fact, many times companies improve the quality of service and enhance their security processes while exerting a high level of control on their partner’s operations.

I will be joined by several distinguished analysts from Frost & Sullivan, HfS and Ryan Strategic Advisory on an upcoming webinar on Wednesday, January 18, 12–12:30 p.m. EST. They will share their insights on this topic of curating the customer experience. Please see the invitation image for more details and the link to register – or just click here. I hope to see you there!


Photo by Håkan Dahlström licensed under Creative Commons.