Planning The ROI On Your CX Investment
Planning For A Great ROI On Your CX Investment

If you have been following the TP Talks webinar series then you will know that these webinars feature some great speakers talking about real business strategies and delivering a great customer experience (CX). I hosted one recently focused on bridging the gap for curating an economical CX.

The way that people communicate with friends and family has evolved in the past few years. In the last decade we have seen the smartphone and social networks create a completely new ability to communicate in text and pictures that simply was not possible before. This change also extends to the way that customers want to communicate with brands. Contact center managers have had to embrace a variety of new communication channels.

In addition, social channels are in a constant state of flux and many new and innovative technologies are directly impacting the customer experience. For instance, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR). The cloud, omnichannel, and robotic process automation are redefining how companies interact with their customers, but this diverse environment is creating a whole array of new opportunities to engage with customers.

Customers want a frictionless experience and companies are constantly trying to redefine and plan how they can offer a better journey. It takes great skill and vision to plan the customer journey as it is today with one eye on how these technologies will change the future state of the company to customer interface.

More importantly, executives need to define where they can find the best Return On Investment (ROI). It’s always a good strategy to improve the customer experience, but at what price. Are investments in communication technologies creating such a great experience that you can observe an impact on revenue?

This was the focus of the recent TP Talks webinar. We explored the subject in more detail, answering questions such as:

  • How can I remain flexible enough to deliver the CX customers expect?

  • How can I deliver great CX without spending my budget in Q1?

  • How can I take advantage of new channels to build deeper customer relationships?

To play back this webinar please click here.


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