Managing Digital Disruption With Frost & Sullivan | USA
Potential disruptors

I’m looking forward to leading a discussion at the Frost & Sullivan Customer Contact West (CCW) event in Tucson, Arizona starting October 23rd.

My session at CCW will dive into some potential disruptors, how quickly disruption can happen, agile strategies, how to know when to hit the trigger, and opportunities for customer experience innovation amidst this digital disruption.

We now live in an era of great digital disruption. We can all recall a number of “disruptors” and how they suddenly and unexpectedly changed the game. Whether it was Kodak’s photo processing business being virtually eliminated due to digital cameras, or Netflix’s online suite of movies replacing Blockbuster stores on every corner, or Amazon pulling readers away from the shelves of traditional book stores, or companies like Uber and Lyft toppling major taxi monopolies. Without question, the game is changing and we have to change with it, primarily because our customers expect us to change with them.

With the right insight and plan, digital disruption can be a differencemaker and can empower our businesses. It is creating opportunities to engage with our customers in deeper and more meaningful ways.  This is an area that creates enormous opportunities for the companies that get it right, but conversely it can create enormous challenges for companies that see their industries transformed overnight and have no ability to change quickly. Nobody is saying that managing digital disruption is easy. In many cases it can be like trying to read a crystal ball. To the innovatorsthere are tools available that can help to launch new ideas globally with very low risks. A new business can be launched globally for just a few thousand dollars today, meaning that visionaries can try an idea and see it fail without risking a personal or corporate catastrophe.

The key point is that most new businesses launched today, especially when aimed at customers of traditional companies like banks or retailers, are designed entirely around the needs of the consumer. How can traditional companies with a long track record adjust their own business model to be as innovative and customer-centric as the innovators and what is it that customers really want in 2017? What do you think have been the best “game changers” in the past decade and what do you expect to be the next big disruptors?

All these questions – and more – will be debated during my CCW session so I hope you can make it. Whether you are planning to attend or not, it would be great if you could leave a comment or question here. I’ll do my best to integrate your comments into the CCW session.

For more details on the Frost & Sullivan CCW event, click here.

Photo by Esther Vargas licensed under Creative Commons.