Five Best Practices For Fraud Prevention And Minimizing Risk
Five Best Practices for Fraud Prevention

Our second TP Talks webinar of 2018 will be on January 25th. If you have been following the TP Talks series then you will know that these webinars feature some great speakers talking about real business strategies and delivering a great customer experience (CX). I will be hosting this forthcoming event which will be focused on fraud prevention and minimizing operating risk.

Security is one of the most important subjects for companies throughout the world. Research by the  Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) in 2016 found that over 70% of defrauded customers will churn or reduce their wallet share in a company if their data is subject to theft or fraud. That’s scary. Almost three quarters of your customers may move to a competitor if you are a victim of a hack that subsequently results in customer data being fraudulently used.

Today’s customers are more concerned than ever about how companies use their data and track their activities online. Protecting customer information is key to ensuring the prosperity of your business. Security breaches can only be limited with a deeper investment in proactive prevention, detection, mitigation, and, more than anything, people training.

This is extremely important. You can invest in secure systems and check your partners are certified, but if your people are not aware of how to fight fraud then the best technology in the world cannot defend you.

In this January 25th TP Talks session, speakers will provide insights into the background and trends for fraud, and provide context for the current fraud landscape. They will also share best practices on minimizing operational risks and building a security-conscious culture, one where there is a rich set of policies, processes and tools to protect clients and their customers.

This is the focus of the January 25th TP Talks webinar. We will explore the subject in more detail, answering questions such as:

  • How could fraud impact my business?
  • What do my customer-facing teams need to know to avoid fraud?
  • How can I develop secure systems and processes for customer data?

For more details on all out TP Talks and to register for this event on January 25th, please click here.

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