Recognizing the best of the best in the team | USA

This blog is written by April Wagner

At Teleperformance we know that great performance comes from team members who feel valued and recognized for what they offer to the organization, so in 2012 we launched the Blue Diamond Club (BDC).

The BDC is designed to bring together our top performers with the leadership of the company. There are 14 clubs (soon to be 16) around the USA and each quarter the clubs will host an elegant dinner where the new Blue Diamond Club winners can meet each other and the executive leadership team.

We have established three types of recognition; world-class customer service, exceptional balanced performance, and financial achievement, so people from all across the company and in every role have an opportunity to shine and be recommended for the club.

The Blue Diamond Club is about finding the best of the best and ensuring they are recognized. We believe that by letting the best in our team meet each other and directly meet and share ideas with the executive management we can get great ideas from the frontline implemented faster that through the usual channels and it also helps to identify who may form the next generation of leaders.

Our Blue Diamond Club has already helped us to start finding the diamonds in our team right across the nation. How does your organization seek out the best people and ideas? Leave a comment on the blog here or you can tweet our team on @teleperformance.


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