Do You Trust Your Partner? Sometimes The Truth Hurts!

Browsing Salon recently I saw a story headline ‘Donald Trump’s biggest crime is his honesty.With a headline like that, I had to read the story, which was about how the Trump approach to politics is shaking up the traditional core of the Republican party.  For the record I’m rooting for or against Donald Trump at this time.  But I am a fan how he is shaking up this country!

Regardless of which party has your political sympathies, with all the recent exposure for the Republican candidates, the American public has been seeing a lot of The Donald. The reason that candidates with his kind of approach often do well is because they are seen as above party politics – they are not career politicians who studied politics at college then started interning in Washington DC.

When people are tired of politics, it’s easy for non-politicians to talk about popular policies and sound more honest than those who are briefed by the party machinery before ever making a statement.  But this difference between how we see someone like Trump and regular politicians leads to greater trust and this is also important in business. Could a similar approach work and cut through all the usual formality client and supplier need to manage?

There could be great benefits if it is possible, but there are some prerequisites:

  • Your business partner needs to be honest and this requires transparency about operations, fees, profits, etc.
  • Sometimes the truth hurts, but it will also make for a better partnership in the long term if you can share information openly.
  • Always be honest about the level of service, whether good or bad and especially when levels are changing unexpectedly.

My thoughts here isn’t whether or not I support Trump, but about honesty and dealing with the good or bad head on. It will always set you free. This blog wasn’t written to come across in a political fashion but more about being an honest partner, a two way street!

Is Trump the ideal model for business success?  We all have our opinions but what he represents in his open, no-nonsense style is an approach that more businesses should think about. At the most basic level, imagine if your Project Management Office could be scaled back because less monitoring of suppliers is needed – because you trust them?

There can be a direct effect on the bottom line if you create an environment where information can be openly shared, encouraging transparency and honesty in relationships between client and supplier.

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