How Costco Is Taking On Amazon | USA
How Costco Is Taking On Amazon

The American Customer Satisfaction Index Retail and Consumer Shipping Report for 2018-19 was published earlier this month and has some surprising news for those who believe that Amazon is untouchable. Costco climbed past the online giant to be named the most satisfying retailer in America.

Amazon has held the top spot for the past nine years and their rate of innovation has actually increased so it’s a surprise to see them toppled. Inside Retail magazine suggested that their slowing retail growth, caused by the Whole Foods acquisition, has allowed a chance for rivals to catch up.

Although most respondents to this research say that online shopping is the most satisfying way to shop, there has been little change or improvement in how this works in the past year – in many cases retailer standards have declined. Mobile app quality and reliability is a particular issue facing retailers today – a problem that most retailers would barely have even considered just five years ago is now a significant factor in customer experience.

Nobody can deny how powerful Amazon has become in American retail, but some of the old brands are not ready to go down without a fight. To see Costco named as the most satisfying retailer to shop with, pushing Amazon into second place, shows that if retailers take a step back and focus on innovation and the customer experience then they can succeed.

I wrote last year about the interesting partnership between Walmart and Microsoft and how these two giants intend to work together on retail innovation. It is precisely this attitude that will ensure we see continued healthy competition and innovation in retail. I love what Amazon is doing with all their new ideas for retail, but it’s great to see that they are not the only game in town.

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