Engaged Team Members Create An Improved CX | USA

If you take a look at any of the multiple channels Teleperformance uses to talk about our company you will see that right now there is very little talk about the business itself. One glance at our Facebook or Instagram pages shows that right now we are introducing readers to our people.

The #ProudToBeTP campaign is designed to showcase our people without the usual fog of business jargon or marketing messages. It’s just our people saying what they do and how they feel about their work.

Of course nobody is forced to say that they are proud to work for the company. These are honest thoughts and comments from people on our team, but we emphasize the importance of looking after our people right from the very first day of induction training every new hire receives.

Having a team that is engaged and happy at work is important for any company – that’s obvious – but in our business it goes beyond just being something useful. Our team is representing major brands all over the world. If they are dissatisfied at work then that will come across in the levels of service they provide to the customers of our clients.

In customer experience (CX) it not only makes sense to have an engaged team because they create a better working environment, it makes good business sense too. Our clients repeatedly ask how our teams can be so engaged and we explain that it’s really just a part of the culture here.

From that first day on the job where the importance of working as a part of the community is explained, we focus on encouraging people to just go a little further, to make a difference. Our Citizen of the Planet and Citizen of the World programs have raised millions of dollars to help both the environment and the communities close to where we work.

Running these programs takes time and effort, but people on the team give their energy freely. It’s clear to our team members that they don’t just have a job, they are a part of something bigger that is creating a positive impact on their community and the wider world.

When team members see this and understand, it’s easy to find them saying positive things about the company unprompted. That creates a great working culture and our clients really appreciate it too. Being proud of your job isn’t just positive for the individual; it’s great for the company too.

Photo by Kaho Lam licensed under Creative Commons.