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How Is AI Really Changing CX?

Business journals and customer experience experts are endlessly talking about the march of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and just how much will change in customer to brand engagement. Two years ago The Economist actually predicted the death of the contact center, because AI and voice recognition would make the role of the agent redundant. That prediction didn’t really work out, did it?

In fact, there is a group of connected technologies that are changing how contact centers need to be designed, but they are generally enabling agents to do a better job rather than replacing them. Machine learning, AI, voice recognition, and Big Data are all required to deliver these changes, so the development of this sector is rather more complex than some business journalists are suggesting.

It cannot be denied that AI will change how brands interact with customers, but instead of making glib predictions about the death of the contact center, I would suggest these five important areas are where we will see the AI advantage:

  • Accuracy; having an AI-enabled knowledge base ensures that agents are far more likely to answer customer questions correctly the first time, because the system will have a record of every past question with the solution. Only a question that has never been asked could confuse the system, which becomes more and more unlikely  as time goes on.
  • Knowledge; agents having access to a complete history of customer interactions means that all your agents can be super agents – bots can automatically handle very basic questions and anything else can be handled by humans with access to every possible answer to a customer question. This changes the game and dramatically improves the customer experience.
  • Personalization; if the system automatically knows the history of your customer along with their likes and dislikes, then the interaction can be personalized, perhaps with recommendations or special time-limited offers.
  • Prediction and patterns; data analytics can explore customer behavior to find how they interact with your brand and to provide predictions that can create actions – such as a subscriber who might be about to cancel.
  • Dynamic pricing; ecommerce companies can deploy tools such as dynamic pricing so no two customers experience the same recommendations and offers in addition to special pricing for products the customer is likely to want.

This CMSWire article explores the AI question in a more thoughtful way than most. I think it is clear that AI is going to change the customer experience, but we are still quite a long way from being able to replace humans in the brand to customer interface. Bots can undertake simple interactions, but have you tried asking Siri or Alexa a complex question lately?

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