Target Is Making Holiday Shopping Easier

Do you ever feel that sometimes stores have too many options, and the immense choice means that you are somehow stunned into an inability to choose? I sometimes feel like this when I have time to watch a movie and I go to Netflix, but because there is so much choice I just don’t know what to choose.

This can be an even bigger problem during the Holiday season. You go into a store with a list of names – family members who all need a gift – and yet the sheer amount of options means that you leave empty-handed. Target has been thinking about this and has a new idea to try curating better ideas for their customers.

They just launched a new service called ‘Wonderlist’ which is free and online and based on 400 curated ideas. The aim is to help customers save time and money by presenting ready-made gift ideas to them online. Shipping is free and each week different categories of product will be special for that week, giving a $10 token for every $50 spent.

I really like the idea of a brand working hard to save customer time, but Target has gone a step further here. By integrating curate lists of ideas with special offers and free shipping they are really encouraging time-conscious shoppers to do all their Holiday shopping in one place because the system will have ideas for your partner as well as for grandma – and toys for the kids too.

There is no reason why this idea cannot be extended beyond the Holiday season to become an intelligent gift service, perhaps even integrated with an Artificial Intelligence system that can recommend gifts based on what family members like on social networks. It’s a great idea and I’m sure can only be improved in future by exploring how to make the gift recommendations better.

Have you seen any other retailers with interesting ideas for the Holiday season? Leave a comment here or get in touch via my LinkedIn.

Photo by Mike Mozart licensed under Creative Commons.