Seasonality Management In Healthcare | USA

I’m hosting the next TP Talks webinar soon and I’d like to mention it so as many people as possible can connect and participate in the live event. It’s on August 14th and will focus on seasonal volume management, with an emphasis on the healthcare space. Wayne G. White, VP for Partner Management, Consumer Services at UnitedHealth Group will join me to talk about his own experience in this area.

UnitedHealth Group, ranked sixth on the 2017 Fortune 500 list, is America’s largest health insurer. With the onset of the upcoming annual enrollment season, UnitedHealth Group is gearing up to take on a 350% increase in number of calls during this 3-4 month busy season.

Many businesses prepare for a significant seasonal spike in contact volumes. The complexity and intensity of these ramps are a challenge, and when well prepared, enrollment and CSAT numbers can be phenomenal and customers/members are likely to remain more loyal with a great first impression. But tripling your customer interactions for just a quarter of the year needs planning – get it wrong and customers can desert your business just because the service quality is so poor.

In the webinar, Wayne will highlight seasonality best practices used at UnitedHealth and will talk about how he aims to deliver a great customer experience at any time of the year. Wayne will also talk about net promoter scores and outbound strategies that can improve member retention.

This is going to be an interactive webinar where I will take questions from the audience live during the discussion. So please feel free to register and prepare your questions on seasonality management for Wayne. I’m looking forward to the event, and I hope you can join us.

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