CX Day Is Coming Soon! | USA

People around the world celebrate many individual days. We all know the big ones like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, but there are so many days celebrated that it sometimes feels like the greeting card industry is constantly battling to create new ideas. This month alone will see people celebrating Smurf Day, Bartender Day, and Drive Your Corvette to Work Day – those last two are hopefully on different days.

But when I was recently browsing the latest Customer Experience (CX) news online I found out about a CX Day in October. Wow, a day to recognize everyone who works in CX? That has to be something worth celebrating.

CX deserves a focus right now, for many reasons:

  •   CX is a strategic priority; ask any CEO what is the number one priority for their business today and most will say CX, not reducing cost or driving up revenue. A focus on CX naturally has the effect of helping a business to perform well and executives now see that it needs to be their first concern.
  •   CX is more complex than ever; most contact centers are now supporting customers on social media channels, but we are also seeing Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and bots using Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming mainstream. The expectations of customers are moving faster than ever before.
  •   CX careers are more exciting; both of the above points mean that CX is now more important than ever and is a fast-changing and exciting place to work. CX is blending with many other customer-facing professions, such as sales and marketing, creating some really exciting career paths.

I’m going to start thinking about what I can do to help CX Day be recognized further. We have a big team of CX experts at Teleperformance so I’m sure that we can come up with something that not only marks the day, but draws attention to the importance of CX in modern organizations today.

Let me know what you think. Please leave a comment here or get in touch via my LinkedIn.